50 Kitchen Gadgets that Make Cooking a Fun Experience

Your kitchen is the most important place in the house; you cannot imagine living without it, right? But can you imagine having an empty kitchen with no utensils or machinery at all? Definitely not. As much as we think kitchen gadgets are not much of importance, we realise their significance once we step into an empty kitchen. 

As a regular cook or maybe a restaurant cook, you must have heard the quote, “the right tool does the right job,” or perhaps you have come across the saying “you are as good as your tools.” These are a few of the quotes that most of the cooks have heard at least once in their cooking life. If you are a professional cook, you can agree how important it is to cook with the “perfect” tool; this is one reason why their kitchen counters are always filled with hundreds of alien but apparently cool kitchen gadgets. 

You would be surprised to see how most people get into the cooking profession because they are fascinated by the advanced and modern cutlery or kitchen gadgets. A straightforward question would tell you how vital some best kitchen gadgets are today and how people cannot imagine their life without them. How many of you heat up their food without using their microwave. Only a handful of people, right? This says it all.

Your food quality and even its taste heavily rely on the cooking equipment quality; the better the equipment is, the tastier your food will be. If you are an amateur and looking for someone to guide you about kitchen gadgets, then you are on the right page. It is essential that you know the plethora of cooking equipment you need to create a wide range of dishes. Let us help you choose the proper kind of tools that can accurately meet your kitchen needs.

Nevertheless, without any further delay, let’s discuss some important kitchen gadgets that every kitchen needs to have.

1) Cheese melting pan

Calling all our cheese lovers, there is one thing that can make “cheese melting” easy for you and cooking more convenient and that is “cheese melting pan”. It’s time you bid farewell to the traditional cheese melting pots and get the melting pan. Now you can finally upgrade all your much-loved foods with a layer of melty and gooey cheese.

2) A temperature-controlled butter knife

Never heard of it, right? Well, now you can have warming butter knife in your kitchen and that can warm up your butter instantly. No more running late to your work because you spent all your morning trying to melt your butter, “even your boss will not accept this excuse”.
You may think it’s just another butter knife but it is a lot better and different than the standard knives. What makes it stand out among other knives is its ability to transfer heat from your hand to its end. Your cold stick of butter can instantly melt just with a tip of this knife.

3) Multi-purpose kitchen tool

If you are tired of the unnecessary rush of things on your kitchen counter, you can just get the multipurpose kitchen tool and say goodbye to many other small utensils. This tool can be used as a lemon squeezer, cheese grater or even a measuring cup as well. Well, head out to your nearest store today and get one of these and save yourself from a lot of hassle.

4) Sushi maker roller

Tired of spending hundreds on the fine sushi dining? Well, now you can make it in the comfort of your home as well. The sushi is one of the expensive food item, but if made at home, you can cut a lot of cash on it. Invest in this sushi maker roller and see how it can make your life much easier.

5) Pasta shaped accessories

There is always one pasta lover in the family, if you do not like it, your partner must be an ardent lover of it. Anyway to make cooking a little more fun, try getting your hands onto the pasta shaped accessories, it would just leave the trace of pasta in whatever you make (all the pasta lovers like me will love that).

6) A cookie dunking cup

The combination of cookie with milk or coffee is undeniably one of the perfect evening snack, but carrying mugs and plates separately can be pretty annoying. Now you have a chance to have both in a single utensil, how about that? The perfect solution for all those who hate doing dishes.

7) Crayon for pancake batter

You can let all your creative juices flow while making pancakes for your kids. Make their morning by presenting them doodled pancakes with this cool kitchen gadget.

8) Reusable straws

Stop using plastic straws and shift to the reusable metal straws and be a little responsible towards the environment. With the reusable straws, you can play your part in saving the environment and be a good citizen.

9) Electric breakfast sandwich maker

Nothing annoys us more than getting late for our classes because our traditional sandwich maker was time taking. Well now, you can be right on time for your morning class with the electric breakfast sandwich maker, it is easy to use and light on the pocket too.

10) Egg yolk separator

Struggling with separating egg yolk from the egg? The egg yolk separator is what you need right away, they very conveniently detach the yolk from the pool of its white part; making it easier for you to use them however you want.

11) Safety knobs

You cannot risk the life of your family by leaving the knobs safe free, the children are more likely to play with the stove knobs and leave them open for the longer hours. If you have kids at home, you must purchase the safety knobs at your earliest.

12) Potato peeler

One cannot imagine cooking without having a peeler, tomatoes, potatoes and many other vegetables need to be peeled before they are cooked. In such cases a peeler comes pretty handy. Get your hands on them as soon as possible if you do not have one already.

13) Banana slicer

When you are making banana shake or banana pudding, you spend a lot of time slicing them in even shapes. Particularly, if you have a party in your house you cannot afford to lose even a second. Save your time and get banana slicer and slice your bananas in seconds

14) Egg timer

We all can relate how annoying it is when we boil an egg and it turns out to be a little runny because of the less boiling time? Today the technology has made everything much easier, you can boil the egg at the right temperature only by putting an egg timer in your pot. Have a happy morning with a perfectly boiled egg.

15) Animal shaped pancake maker

Make your kids’ morning by presenting them with their favourite animal-shaped pancake, the breakfast has just got better and more fun now. With the animal-shaped pancake maker you can get your fussy child to eat their breakfast within no time.

16) Avocado savers

No more wasting away your good avocados; with the silicone cups that are fit to all kinds of avocados, you can preserve your food for a little longer time.

17) Angry Mama Microwave cleaner

Cleaning the microwave can get anyone one cranky, honestly nobody gives much of a thought to the importance of cleaning the microwave. Well now, the cleaning has become much easier with the microwave cleaner.
All you have got to do is fill up this ratty lady with water and vinegar and see how the magic happens.

18) Dinosaur tea infuser

Trust me there is nothing more adorable than seeing a dinosaur infusing the tea from a jug. Upgrade your tea time with the dinosaur infuser, put your favourite tea in the diffuser and leave it on your mug edge.

19) Vacuum sealer

We all can agree how hurting it is to waste food that had been lying in your kitchen for days, you think about all the homeless people without food and here you are wasting a perfectly cooked food. The good news is, not anymore! You can prolong your meal’s lifespan by keeping it in a vacuum sealer. Who would have thought there will come a time when you can use a three years old meat, well the technology has made it all possible today.

20) Touch can opener

Technology is pretty crazy, after touch mobile phones and tablets, you now have touch can opener too? Wow! Now that’s something new. Say goodbye to the hassle of opening your cans with the traditional openers, the touch can opener makes the overall process pretty seamless. 
The small tweezers on the can opener remove the can lids so you do not have to use your hands anymore. How pretty convenient that is, a perfect tool for someone who hosts a lot of parties.

21) Coffee maker

Be a smart spender and stop spending hundreds of your bucks a week on coffee from the roadside café. You can make a pretty much the same coffee at your home without breaking your bank [yes, regular café from the cafes can actually break your bank]. Invest in a coffee maker, and enjoy the succulent taste of the coffee without stepping out of your home. This one time investment goes a long way.

22) Meat Tenderiser Tool

Tired of having unsavoury and raw stakes? Well, not anymore, with the meat tenderiser tool, you can be the master chef of your kitchen and present your delicious steaks to your friends and family. Be the talk of the town because of your steak’s taste.

23) Cereal bowl with a straw

For all those clumsy people who keeps on spilling milk while eating cereal, we have a fix for you. Get a cereal bowl with a straw and stop making mess on the table every time you have cereal.

24) Dusting Wand for bakers

Not everyone can sprinkle sugar and other stuff with the regular spoons, the dusting wands make it easier for the confectioners to sprinkle cakes and cookies. Moreover, it is small in size as compared to sifter, so it saves you a lot of space.

25) Axo Grip 3 in 1 avocado slicer

A treat for all our avocado lovers, with the 2 in 1 slicer you can now chop, pit and slice an avocado within no time.

26) Digital Kitchen food scale

If measuring food is not your forte and you always struggle with the right measurements, then you must get your hands on this food scale. We all have one regular weighing scale in our bathrooms, its time you get one for your kitchen as well.

27) Corn Striper

Striper corn beads from the root is one daunting and time taking task that we all hate a lot. We would prefer not having corns in our food rather than this physical hard work. Nevertheless, not anymore, the corn striper has made stripping much easier now.

28) Diamond-shaped ice cubes

Well, if you cannot afford real diamonds, then no worries, you can always get some watery diamonds. These diamond-shaped ice-cube tray gives you a chance to cool down your drink fashionably.

29) Sauce holders

There is no such thing as too many sauces, today we want sauce with every food item. Even a mere fries plate is filled with more sauces than fries. The easier fix to have sauce with your food without mixing them up much is to get some sauce holders. Complement your plates with the different holders and enjoy your complete meal.

30) Chef’n stem gem strawberry huller

To all our strawberry lovers we understand how exasperating taking leaves out of strawberries are, you always end up ruining the whole strawberry if you are clumsy like us. Well, we have got a perfect fix for it and we would suggest you buy chef’ n stem gem strawberry huller too and devour the tasty and juicy strawberries.

31) Aluminium olive oil sprayer

Do you also end up creating a mess while misting oil during cooking? Well, if you do, we have a good news for you, invest in aluminium olive oil sprayer and say good bye to the messy kitchen counter.

32) Egg moulders

Is your child a fussy eater? Feeding him is a huge task for you? Well, have you ever thought about making “eating” fun? If you have not, now is the time you do that. Get some egg moulders and tempt your children into eating them. Trust me, there will come a time when your child will beg you for more eggs.

33) Cheese gun

99% of the people today are crazy cheese fan, they would go for anything cheesy, but how do we make cheese-filled stuff? Even that has become a lot easier now, making all your cheese-filled dreams come true a cheese gun can make your meal perfectly cheesy and succulent. Enjoy your cheese-filled meal now more than ever.

34) Taco holder

As fun as eating tacos are, one thing is for sure it creates a lot of mess on the table. With the taco holder, you can now keep the crunchy shells combined. There will not be any more spilled fillings and cracked shells, and the plus point is they look quite adorable as well.

35) Silly spatula

Okay we all hate wasting the last bit of Nutella in the jar, no matter how many times we put our pointy finger in it there is always some left in there with the no mood of coming out. However, the silly spatula is a perfect solution for such stubborn sauces, you can now lick the last bit of bit without wasting them.

36) Polar bear mittens for oven use

As explained it earlier, cooking should not be a boring activity. What makes it more fun is the exciting tools and best kitchen gadgets. Trust me with these adorable mittens you would be encouraging your children into taking part in the kitchen activities and maybe smashing gender roles as well. See how much you can do just by investing in these charming oven mittens

37) Pillow shaped spoon rest

How selfish of us to always think about ourselves, about our tiredness, and not about the poor kitchen gadgets who do not really get any time to “relax” [pun intended]? The pillow-shaped spoon rest is available in the market to give your spoons a little relaxing time.
Well, keeping the jokes aside, the cooked spoon often dirties the whole kitchen counter, with the spoon rest, you can keep your counter cleaned.

38) Secura Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Gulping down the cooled down coffee can literally ruin one’s mood, we understand this aggravation; therefore, here we are presenting you with the Secura Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. This coffee maker is perfect for everyone who likes to take their coffee steamily hot. Say goodbye to your regular mugs and glasses that cannot contain the regular temperature of your coffee and end up making it either too cold or too hot.

39) Pasta measure

Do you also always end up making a lot of pasta which lasts for a week at least? Well, I always mess up the measurement and rely on my guess game, but the good news is ever since I have gotten pasta measure, I made it in just the right quantity. Buy this at your earliest and cook the right portion of pasta.

40) Fruit keg tapping

Are you a fresh juice freak? Well here is something that would make drinking fresh juice much more tempting; the fresh keg tapping is the perfect yet trendy container for all your beverages [preferably fresh juices]. Just put it on your dinner table and it will add the value of it a hundred times. Fill the dispenser with your favourite fresh juice and serve your guests.

41) Garlic roaster

Garlic is the go-to kitchen element that adds flavour in any dish, trust me you are missing out on a real taste if you are yet to try roasted garlic. It can make any bland food a lot tastier such as meat, veggies, and soup. You can add a lot of flavour on your simple bread only by smothering roasted garlic on it.
With the help of garlic roaster, you can roast your garlic in the oven or on the grill and they would give you just-right flavour every single time you try it. You will be thanking us once you try it.

42) Breakfast sandwich maker

Making breakfasts has become much easier than ever, this breakfast sandwich maker is perfect for people who are always running late. The different compartments help in cooking your eggs, toasting your bread or maybe heating up bacon. The best thing about it you can get it all done in five minutes only, which is perfect for people like me who is always running low on time.

43) Finger tongs

Eating food with your hands give an unmatchable pleasure, but you cannot always afford to mess up your finger with all the spice and oil. Its time you do not give up on the delicious finger foods and invest in the finger tongs. With the help of these tongs, you can keep your nails fresh and enjoy the messy burgers.

44) Hot dog slicer

You cannot resist buying the cutesy dog slicing hot dogs for you. I mean this adorable little fella is waiting for you to pick him up so he can make eating hot dogs more convenient for you. I mean could they get any cuter than this? It’s a must-have item, they are functional and a treat to the eyes.

45) Watermelon Slicer

Cutting watermelon is one big struggle, trust me there is no simple way of cutting it particularly if you end up buying big sized watermelon. However, what makes it easier is a watermelon slicer, with the right tool, you can cut your melon in the even pieces without cluttering your kitchen table.

46) Musical spoons

Create music while cooking, the splashing of spoons often end up devising an annoying sound which irritates the other roommates living with you. Now you can entertain them with the smooth music only by cooking your favourite ravioli pasta with the musical spoons. Cooking today has become so much fun that it does not feel like a big of a chore anymore.

47) Spaghetti monster bowl

Now we all would love to find this monster in our cupboards; apart from making “cooking” fun you can make “eating” fun too. This bowl is perfect for the parents struggling to feed their children because of their prissy nature. This cutesy bowl will attract your children and lure them into eating from it. 
Pro tip: You can add veggies and other healthy stuff into the bowl and your kids will devour them within a few minutes.

48) Cookie-cutter set

Cookies can set anyone’s mood and what is better than the cartoon shaped cookies? If you have got an upset friend, just make their day by baking them a fresh batch of cookies and use this precious cutter set. Trust me, you can do a lot better with the right pair of cookies that taste heavenly, no compromise on the taste.

49) Bike shaped pizza cutter

Pizza is everyone’s go-to snack, and for those who like to cook everything from scratch, they want everything in the perfect shape and look. This gorgeous bike can criss-cross even the cheesiest pizza. They get the additional points for making the slices as big as you want.

50) Floating ladles

These precious swans floating on your soup or other pots can make anyone give their hearts to them. They are super bewitching and would stay afloat on the countertop, saving you from the lost ladles in your pot. These uniquely designed ladles can make anyone dinner pleasant.


Cooking today has become so much fun because of the availability of cool kitchen gadgets. If your kitchen has all the above mentioned gadget, trust me, you would not want to come out of this place and would always be feeding your family with the appetising dishes. Setting up a kitchen is a big responsibility, start with the basics and with time fill up your kitchen with all the other tools to have some element of excitement while cooking. 


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